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Exercise May Reduce Risk of Cancer: Physical activity can be defined as any body movement which you make with the help of your skeletal muscles and. These movements can help you release energy and get healthier. It's the only phenomena for balancing the energy level for your body. Physical activity can influence weight loss; strength building and even can help you cure chronic diseases like cancer. Running, walking, dancing, swimming etc. are the common examples of physical activity. Exercising has shown some tremendous results in the cancer patients. According to a study, published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management exercising has reduced reoccurrence of the disease up to 50 percent. Besides curing cancer, exercising can help a…show more content…
Physical activity is actually very beneficial for all, but unfortunately more than 50% of population in America is not doing enough physical activity. This can and is the actual reason why there are so many obesity cases in America these days. There are many health benefits of physical activity such…show more content…
Transportation: Transportation is the most important task of our lives, and the best part is that you can use this task and do some exercising. For example instead of driving around, you can start walking. Instead of using lifts you can use stairs and if you have to travel far you can try cycling. All these little things can help you do your daily chores and exercise all together. 2. Sports: Sports is also an important aspect of our lives, you can use your sport skills and kill cancer. You can play soccer, tennis, netball etc. all these sports will help you stay entertained and healthy too. 3. Entertainment: Yes exercising can be entertaining; you can go surfing, if you can. You can try salsa or normal dancing as a physical activity for your treatment or you can go with rope skipping if dancing is not suitable for you. All these activities may sound fun, and besides being fun they can actually help you get physically active. 4. Strength training: There are several strength training exercises like yoga and Pilates that can help you fight cancer too. Yoga can provide you both mental and physical strength to fight

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