Benefits Of Modern Dance

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Modern dancing ensures preventing injuries, cardio exercises, and controlling dance technique to become a future professional dancer. Dance is a great way of expressing feelings. Instead of speaking and using words, dance is used with your body which is difficult but has an amazing texture that is used throughout the dance. Dancing is a good way to get in shape and helps with body technique. People have personal goals that they want to reach and work hard to try and meet them. Cardio exercises will increase the endurance of dancers. Their heart rate will speed which builds onto the endurance they already have. Usually dancers get injured in allegro because their endurance runs out. If you want to increase endurance in a ballet class so you won’t become tired as easily, you should work on jumps so you can sustain your energy. When you run and jump, your legs absorb a force approximately three times your body weight. That force travels through the knee, which is one of the most easily injured through overuse. Controlling your dance technique is key and it is a way of having a strong core. If you have a…show more content…
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