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Martial Arts-Yoga is a dynamic tool that reveals the underlying psychology of the practitioner. Wisdom develops quickly when people learn the meaning behind the movements, whether they are experienced or newbies at martial arts or yoga. Not just the physical component, this system also involves the spiritual component. Yoga and Martial Arts In yoga systems, the practitioners do asanas or body postures and breathing exercises while seated, especially in a lotus position. Martial arts consists of more standing, walking and physical activity. This activates the lower energy system or the lower chakras, which are important for practicality, physical strength and good health. The difference between the yogis of India and the martial artists of…show more content…
The result is tremendously powerful than normal martial arts or yoga alone. It’s like combining the best Japanese martial arts style with the best of Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian yoga systems – all in one package. Martial Arts-Yoga is divided into seven levels that integrate the development of greater physical acumen along with the development of life skills, higher virtues and values. Each level can be mastered in 3-6 months, depending on how disciplined the practitioner is. Benefits Practitioners report that doing physical exercises and breathing practices daily, they are able to beat their fatigue and stress faster, including jet lag. They sleep better and their concentration improves. Many find practicing Martial Arts-Yoga twice weekly becomes a highlight of life rather than simply an exercise…show more content…
People with back pain, herniated discs, joint replacements, heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer or other serious conditions should consult their health care providers before starting. Pregnant women should not practise these techniques, especially in the third trimester because the energy boost could over-stimulate the baby and over-awaken the mother at the same time. However, after the baby is born, the increase in energy and vitality that result from Martial Arts-Yoga may be helpful in dealing with postpartum issues. It not only increases stamina, but makes it easier to lose weight and slim down after pregnancy, helping the new mothers regain their previous shape faster and increase their self esteem. There is also more energy to proactively manage their families, to cope with their babies and take steps for their families. For those who find it’s hard to maintain a practical approach to life after practicing yoga, this multi-faceted practice becomes a dynamic meditation that increases awareness on physical, mental and spiritual levels while aligning the will, heart and creative

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