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On November 15, I had the opportunity to participate in an agchat session. The topic for the night was related to the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Leaders Conference mostly focusing on professional development and networking. The night started out talking about what professional development conferences people have been to, how to prepare for them and how to retain skills learned at the conference in real life. We ended the night with networking and best ways to follow up with new connections. There are several things that I loved about agchat and the experience that I had. One thing was how friendly it was. Once I introduced myself people were welcoming. This is a great strength of agchat because people not familiar with agriculture…show more content…
Every outlet where people get together and talk about significant topics in agriculture is important. However, I do not believe it is the best and only thing that agriculturalists should be doing. We need to continue to find ways to discuss agriculture where consumers will see it and react positively to it. As I said earlier, I wish the topic would have been something else because I was having a hard time being interested in it. I love professional development conferences, but I also don’t believe that every time a big one comes up it should be an agchat topic. In October, National FFA Convention happened and that was the agchat topic. There did not need to be one so similar only a month later. It was interesting to see and hear people from all over the country and their different ways to approach professional development conferences and networking. Of course there were things that I agreed with and some I did not. Someone said that it is important to never stop learning. I strongly agree with this statement because people, just like plants, are meant to continually be growing. The only way to get important skills out of these conferences is to keep learning and not allow ourselves to become

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