Gender Inequality In Sports

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As gender inequality has been a lot in the news, the question has been raised about if men and women should play against each other in sports. In many sports people play socially together but many do not play professional but that shouldn't very much when it comes to men and women. Mixed sport teams do exist, like mixed doubles tennis, but this is another matter as the same number of men and women are in the team and it is one died team against another. In the remainder of this essay I will be discussing the physical differences between men and women, how this could affect the result of the game at the end and whether there is any empirical evidence showing a difference in sport achievements. There is a large body of research that tells us…show more content…
For example, the 100m sprinting, Usain Bolt holds the record with a time of 9.58 seconds but the best women, Florence Griffith-Joyner, holds a time of 10.49. Men still prove that they have the advantage of their how their physical structure differs from women. Men have also beat women with the fastest tennis serve when Samuel Groth achieved the world record with the fastest tennis serve with a service speed of 163.7 mph. While Sabine Lisicki holds the fastest tennis serve for women with a service speed at 131 mph. Another sport that shows that men have an advantage in sports is with the 50m freestyle swimming, Cesar Cielo got hold of the time at the Brazilian Championships with a time of 20.91 seconds. The Dutch swimmer, Ranomi Kromowidjojo who set her mark in 2012 with a time of 24.01 seconds. The javelin throw still proves that men have the advantage with their physical strength as Jan Železný threw the javelin with a distance of 98.48 metres which broke the world record. Another Czech javelin thrower, Barbora Špotáková threw the javelin a distance of 72.28 metres in 2008. In addition to the other sports mentioned the 1000m speed skating race also shows that the man is faster and stronger when Shani Davis from the USA got a time of 1:06:42. Nao Kodairo got a time of 1:12:09. Shane went at a speed of 54.20 km/h when Nao went at a speed of 49.93 km/h. As the last example Javier Sotomayor also has shown to be a better jumper than women as he got a height of 2.45m when Stefka Kostadinova had hold of a height of 2.09m. So for most sports it is the man holds the record than the best
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