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Title: La Raya gris (The gray stripe) ------------------------- Image describing academy: -------------------------------------- IC section: (Location). (History). The dream of Raya gris has lived on for many years throughout the del Bosque family, and the second generation is the only generation to actually strive to build the dream. Recently however the dream of Raya gris can be shared between both the del Bosque and de Santigo through Isabel. A family grew in overwhelming numbers each followed after the eldest of the family to learn the ways of Bàrtolo, which each generation has followed religiously. The first dream was to teach every man in the family the ways of the unarmed sensation to truly “free themselves” and grow as a person. Quite recently however, the family has seemingly died down from teaching others, and has kept to themselves. Nowadays the third generation of del Bosque gave up on the ways of the family, and seek no longer to learn Nicoloan. However, the founder of the academy, Isabel, seeks not only for the recognition of her family, but also to carry on the tradition that once consumed her family. (IC description). Raya gris is a prestigious academy for women who wish to train Nicoloan, no matter their age, skill level, or race. Penned TGS or simply “Gray”, the…show more content…
Debates can and will be held between two or more students to strengthen the bond and knowledge that they comprehend. Daily studies and lectures are provided, through this class is in a hand-holding environment to guide and not force the student. Every once and awhile Maestros’ in training may come by and take place in a lecture, and focus groups may be held in accordance. The regular regime are as follows; Read, vocally relay, write, repeat, debate, and finish off with focus

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