Ttankhamun's Tomb Analysis

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The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb was one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th, century. The tomb was hidden for 3000 years before being discovered by archaeologist ‘Howard Carter.’ Tutankhamun’s tomb was the first tomb discovered that hadn’t been raided this perhaps is what made Tutankhamun so popular. The tomb was such a memorable discovery that the world created a new pop-culture ‘ Tut-Mania’ as a result of this creation, many different types of merchandise were released. Tutenstien was a cartoon released in 2003 (last episode released in 2007) it featured the story of Tutankhamun who had been dead for 3000 years before being awoken by a lightning bolt. This show was aimed at children and after observing a few episodes it…show more content…
Both shows also portray him much like the hieroglyphics; a handsome, fit, masculine, healthy young man, nonetheless this is not historically accurate to Tutankhamun's actual physic. In Tutenstien’s opening it shows all of these descriptions and more, while the show ‘Tut’ does show some character development of king Tutankhamun throughout the show. While tutenstien doesn’t show many developing changes to the actual character and also physically portrays him incorrectly. Another interpretation that the show can be compared to, an older but still modern interpretation; the song ‘Old King Tut,’ these two interpretations are on complete different ends of the interpretation type. Old king tut written in 1923, which was the year after the tomb was discovered, and would’ve been one of the first merchandise pieces released due to Tut-mania, and yet they still tell the same story. The song and the cartoon do tell different sides of the story but yet they still are both comparable and historically accurate according to the view of many…show more content…
The producers of the show did their research and got the dates right however they did embellish some of the story to insure the show was a hit with its audience. Yes, the show is for young children and was not produced to be historically accurate, but they only have taken on the basic ideas and information found on Tutankhamun. The show did not take on any of his physical appearance. (aside from him being in a mummified state) The show starts historically accurate but as the plot continues even through the first episode it is clear that the writers and producers have not tried to maintain historic accuracy, hence making the show inaccurate in historical terms. If we look at the show we see that Tutankhensetamun and a best friend from when he was growing up, used to steal things such as honey cakes and toys. This in itself is inaccurate as firstly, Tutankhamun received the throne at age 9 and wouldn’t have had much of a childhood as he was raised to be a pharaoh. Secondly the show has portrayed ancient Egypt as an American society that just existed 3000 years before modern day America, which historians have provided evidence to show it is incorrect through research and Archaeology. What does this mean? Well it simply means children wouldn’t have been stealing honey cakes and toys especially not a boy who was

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