Limnic Eruption In Lake Taupo: A Natural Disaster

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Introduction Limnic eruptions are one of the strangest natural disasters known to man. Although not a well known natural disaster, they definitely fall under the category of disaster as they can kill innumerable humans and animals in a dreadful way. This phenomenon has only been recorded twice (Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun, Cameroon), but there are definitely possibilities of other limnic eruptions occurring sometime in the future. Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s ideal place for a limnic eruption to occur. It is situated in a volcanic zone, and in under a century it may possibly have the right temperature conditions to produce a limnic eruption. In order to mitigate the effects of a limnic eruption occurring in Lake Taupo in the future, we will install up to 30 degassing pipes into Lake Taupo. What is a Limnic Eruption and How is it Caused?…show more content…
The carbon dioxide comes from volcanic gas emitted from under the lake. Once the lake is saturated with high amounts of gas, it is too much for the lake to handle. The lake then explodes, forming a large cloud of carbon dioxide that expands into the neighbouring area. Due to carbon dioxide being denser than air, it sinks to the ground while pushing breathable air (containing oxygen) upwards. All humans and wildlife in the area then suffocate to death when the gas cloud reaches them, as there is not enough oxygen

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