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Do you really need to buy a program to help you release the tension and pain in your shoulders and increase mobility? It seems as though most of us may actually need to. Why? Because what we are doing is not working for us, and the importance of shoulder health goes well beyond some pain and soreness - it impacts our physical health and daily capabilities in a big way. Eric Wong has created a program called the Shoulder Flexibility Solution, which tackles shoulder flexibility in a completely different way than we have ever seen before. If you are suffering from tightness in the shoulders, aches or pains, and poor posture, then read this review to find out why it may be your answer to getting some relief. What Do You Get? First, you get…show more content…
Each day you will perform one routine that takes about 15 minutes to perform. These routines include: - The Winged Scapula Routine: This routine will help people suffering from a protruding scapula fix their issue and gain strength and reduce the risk of injury. This issue is associated with poor posture and weakness in the Serratus Anterior muscle and is a common dysfunction of the shoulder. - The Rounded Shoulders Routine: The routine will help people who have developed poor posture from desk jobs, sitting too much, staring down at phones, and driving too long. This is also a common issue, and it increases the risk of degenerative disc disease. - The Overhead Routine: If you have problems reaching overhead, then this routine will help you address the issues causing your limited motion. It goes beyond looking at the shoulder and tackles the core and thoracic spine issues causing the problem. - The Behind The Back Routine: Not many of us can touch our hands behind our back, but Eric says we should be able to do it! This routine will not only help you impress your friends, but it will help you release restricted tissues and build…show more content…
Basically it does 6 things for you. These are all things you would not be able to do with static stretches, and they work together to give you the mobility and strength you need in your shoulders. 1. Mobilize the joint: You will increase the range of motion in the joints to help you increase flexibility. 2. Address tissue quality: When you fix issues such as scar tissue or adhesions, you can encourage blood, oxygen, and nutrients to help increase flexibility. 3. Deactivate overactive muscles: With our current lifestyle, various muscles are used more than others when they shouldn't be used. That causes tightness in those muscles and weakness in others. 4. Create new cross bridges: As you increase the flexibility in your shoulder, you must also increase the strength to maintain that flexibility. This will help you do that. 5. Stabilize the new ROM: By building strength you will ensure that the range of motion benefits don't diminish after a while. 6. Functional integration: This will help you make your new shoulder flexibility and strength a permanent part of your neuromuscular system. About Eric

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