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Jared Harris 12-s LIFE ORIENTATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION WRITTEN TASK 1. Yes, I believe that sports play a massive role in unifying our nation, irrelevant where you’re from, what language you speak, any fault that makes you feel lonely, sports can counter act. Sport is something so special, it has the ability to unify people. Team sports especially as they can congregate people who have never met, and can create a bond that is unbreakable. For example when I came into high school it was intimidating as I was in the youngest grade, when I joined the rugby team I felt I was in a brotherhood , and unbreakable bond, and this can help many others who struggle to feel a part of something and can indeed make everyone feel unified. Sports is a very…show more content…
I feel it is ok to test for drugs at a school level to show how serious it is, Testing at school level shows it’s not ok to be taking drugs and it also stops further…show more content…
No doping of any kind is not acceptable in a sport where it is not part of the rules. By taking drugs they are breaking the law and put themselves at a distinct advantage. 2.4 Some sports are demanding then others. I feel some sports are more prone to doping as they require more ability and endurance to compete at the highest level. For example Rugby is a highly physical and energy draining, I believe sportsmen and women are more likely to take drugs in rugby then is soccer. 2.5. Doping effects the credibility of an athlete as many of them are role models and icons to children. It has a profound effect on the country he/she represents as they disgrace the morals and integrity of the sport, as well it shows a lack of control that the coaches may have on the players, or it shows how coaches may neglect to test their players. 3a.Lance Armstrong was a sporting role model and a legend in the cycling community. He is also admired for his mental and physical strength towards fighting cancer. He has a charity in which he helps cancer patients around the world. He won the tour de France with this disease which had shown his astonishing

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