Dedication In Personal Relationships

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What has been found on a personal level to be core values are the four qualities that keep relationships going, these being, loyalty, forgiveness, honesty, and dedication, thus, finding dedication to be the most import of all personal qualities. Moreover, dedication is a value that is held to be true, whereas, without dedication, there is no unity or direction in relationship with a partner or anyone else, or even in friendship Therefore, there must a dedication by being self-less at times in order to commit to relationships. According to L & L Parrott, “Personal sacrifice. Selfless devotion. Commitment. These are the noble qualities dedication requires” (Parrott, 1998), making a strong statement of the importance of dedication to a relationship.…show more content…
There were two divorces and three marriages with a controlling self-nature dominating both initial relationships. Life was too short to worry about anyone else, except myself. Whereas, becoming a parent started the healing process and the need to find out what was wrong thus far in life and relationship. In charge now of two boys, this responsibility gave understanding for the need to give up smothering and suffocating control. Codependency became the norm in personal relationships initally, therefore, most of the partners in connection or marriage felt asphyxiated and manipulated. Jealousy, scheming behavior, and angry outbursts were a commonplace due to the insecurities, moreover, the shortcomings growing up that I personally learned and suffered from growing…show more content…
It has been interesting to see the varied opinions of classmates and professorial comments influencing once held false understandings or challenging previously held beliefs regarding human sexuality. For example, looking to definitions as to what it means to be androgynous and learning that it is having characteristics from both genders or that of both female and male traits. Thus, empathetic that in many ways androgyny creates both freedom and confusion. Androgyny is not new, as in my lifetime many stars and icons, alike, created recognition of the social “culture”, whereas, it seemed socially then there was a lacking of a better term to use. Another self-thought about learning was related to fantasy or as text describes thoughts or stories imagined in the mind. Whereas, fantasy can have its benefits in that in can aid in stimulation or assist in increasing sensitivity in sex. It helped form a personal opinion that fantasy can ever be too deviant as long as it is not acted upon. Albeit, morbidity in prevalent forms in imagination might need some investigation or at a minimum, discussion. Also, as was learned that when fantasy influences one to cause harm to adult or child, professional help should be sought immediately (Crooks & Baur,

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