Physical Inactivity In Brunei Essay

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1. Introduction Brunei is known to be heading to achieve the Vision 2035, which is to improve the quality of life of the residents, and to achieve a healthy nation (Ministry of Health [MOH], n.d.). Without healthy population, this vision will not be achievable, and therefore, maintaining good health is important, not only in the aspect of health, but also to maintain the economic and the social development of the country. The definition of good health in this assignment reflect World Health Organization [WHO] (2007) definition, as a state of wellbeing in which the individual knows his or her own capacity, able to manage the normal stresses of life, able to do work effectively and fruitfully, and to give contribution to the society. Despite the many benefits of active lifestyle, physical inactivity is significant problem that are faced not only globally, but also in Brunei. There is a direct relationship between health status and physical activity, where increase in physical activity can give a better health status. However, if inactive lifestyle is adapted, it is becoming a concern as physical inactivity is a fourth leading factor for global mortality and disability (WHO, 2004) and is accountable for 6% of death in the world (WHO, 2011). Physical inactivity is chosen due to in Brunei, many of the people adopt…show more content…
In particular, the information delivered should also be sensitive to different literacy level, culture, and take account of barriers in communication, and understood by different ages of the population (WHO, 2004). In delivering health education, it is important to ensure the information given by the government and the associated non-government organizations, is consistent, simple, and clear to the public to avoid misunderstanding and confusion (WHO,

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