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Task 1 When working within schools it is very important that you promote equality and diversity. You will have children with many different background for example their relgion or home life.It is becoming more aware that children are coming from families wih the same sex parents Schools are always open to children that are ELG as this is just their back ground children might speak English at school however might speak a different language at home. The most important thing in schools to get across is that they are welcome into school hat ever their background. They are many different legislation and policy that are in place to promote equality and diversity. Below I will be listing the current ones. International Human Right Agreement Every human has a right, it does not matter what background or age you are each child, young person or adult all have their human rights. This human right agreement support the view that everychild will have the sme education no matter what their background is. The human right act 1998 The human right act is put in place to make sure that not only children and young people but adultsas well all have the freedom of speech. If any rules change within this act it goes through government and courts to ensure that all the human rights are still being met. The…show more content…
Some of the children I work with do have different background such as their religion or ethnic group. I would never speak to a child differently because they are a different religion as everyone deserves to be treated the same no matter what. All children no matter what background they should all be given the same opportunities and the same education. I have shown this when working with small groups of children and they all have different backgrounds I have not made any child feel like they don’t have the same opportunities as you give all children you are working with

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