Nt1310 Unit 4 Health And Social Care

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In this assignment, I will be researching and discussing mainly about health. I will also be researching about the different perspective of health/ill-health and giving some examples. As well as this, I will be articulating about 4 or 5 factors affecting health and well-being of my chose target group. This part will include information about the long and short term effects, the local issues and links to my chosen group/topic. In addition to this, I will also be including a minimum of four sources and reference to support my assignment. What is health? The definition of health is the physical, mental and social well-being with the absence of diseases and illnesses. There are four main types of health: physical health, mental health, emotional health and social health. The key to a healthy balanced diet includes things like eating the right mount of…show more content…
Physical health is about your weight and about having any diseases or any illnesses. One of the most noticeable and severe symptoms that we are unhealthy develop or show physically. Overcoming these symptoms is central for people trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Factors affecting physical health include diet and exercise. Having minimal amount of exercise can make it difficult for your body to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet. Illnesses/diseases can affect your physical health because your body would be distressed from doing exercise. Another physical factor would be how well you’re eating. Following a healthy eating plan can help maintain someone’s weight. Healthy eating can have a positive impact on your life by leading to a more sustained exalted mood. Energy can also be gained by healthy eating because eating the right nutritive food boosts energy level making you prepared for the whole day. Healthy eating doesn’t only impact your own life, it can also inspire people around

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