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+ Too Much Homework Yasmine is a student that goes to Carmel middle school. She has 4 blocks every day and they are switched. Every other day Yasmine has math. Math is one of her least favorite subjects because of all of the assignments, homework, and tests she gets. Everyday her math teacher gives her 5 papers and most weeks she has a quiz, a test, or sometimes even a “quest.” On top of all of that she has 7 more classes to take care of. For Yasmine it's hopeless. “They pile down on me and make me stressed out”, Yasmine says. Yasmine has become very stressed that she doesn't even bother doing her assignments anymore. Yasmine is doing badly in her math class and doesn't know what to do. Everything just keeps piling on top of her head. Stress has become a part of Yasmine’s life because of all…show more content…
In an interview with Yasmine, when I asked her “How do homework, schoolwork, and tests affect your life?”, Yasmine answered by saying “They pile down on me and make me stressed out.” Another issue related to this is the amount of sleep students get each night. Yasmine doesn't get enough sleep anymore because of all the assignments, homework and tests she has. “Results suggest that regardless of how much a student generally studies each day, if that student sacrifices sleep time to study more than usual, he or she will have more trouble understanding material taught in class and be more likely to struggle on an assignment or test the following day,” says Craig Canapari of the Yale Pediatric Sleep

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