Being A Aviorist Teacher

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I teach because I feel fulfilled when someone learns thanks to me. I will teach in a physical education class environment. However, I would like to be a basketball coach and I am striving for it. I teach with enthusiasm and character to improve the performance of my students or athletes. According to two quizzes that I took I am a behaviorist and an essentialist teacher. It is good for me to be a behaviorist teacher because as a physical education teacher one of the main tasks that I will have would be to manage the behavior of my students or athletes. The content that I will teach will be show as mastery earning and individually prescribed instruction. As a behaviorist teacher, students learn something when there is a change in their behavior.…show more content…
This personality is characterized by the silence; this means I love to keep order. Students or athletes are not my friends; however, they are going to learn with me. A big problem of being a strict disciplinarian teacher is balance. There has to be a balance between being strict an being harmful or overwhelming to the students. If a teacher is too strict students are going to be scared, so they will not come to his class. Being this kind of teacher, it is essential to avoid yelling the students and to be just and consistent. Being an essentialist teacher, this means there is always an essence that is permanent, unalterable, and eternal. This is what I am going to teach the basic the essence to prepare the students for the real world. As an essentialist I believe that there is a common core of knowledge that all students must know. I should teach intellectual and moral standards. I should be a practical teacher that prepares students to be valuable members of society. I am going to focus on teaching the basics and prepare my students for the real world out there. I will show my students how to be respectful, disciplined, and hard…show more content…
My approach to teaching would be a strict one because I am a behaviorist teacher. I want to teach because I think I own a great general knowledge which has to be taught to other people. In my physical education classroom children will be quite and will enjoy the game or sport being taught. My research interests go from the old school teacher approaches to the last most innovative instructions. I am always innovating and trying to add new activities to the class, as a result, my teaching will be in a continuous state of change. As a young physical education teacher I will be eager to teach my students and talk to their parents about the progress they show in class. In my physical education class all the students are going to have the same number of opportunities. I will not pick a student because he is out of shape, and will try to be too strict with him. A physical education teacher has to recognize the quality and greatness of the talented students. These talented students should be recommended to join either extracurricular sport at which they show a better performance than the rest. I will motivate all my students, not only the less talented, but all the class in order to not to have a favorite group of students. I will evaluate all the students with the same kind of assessment, and I will be fair when doing so. I will keep my motivation throughout my teaching

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