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Surprisingly, during World War I, many Americans were not physically fit for the military service , as a solution, school districts inforced the P.E. curriculum because in the desire of building a stronger military, the army required 4 years of physical education. In consequence, congress passed laws that required school districts to adopt different physical education programs, in order to make a stronger youth (“Physical Education” 10-12). Eventually, the rigors of P.E. decreased, due to the end of the war and the beginning of the industrialization era. Society evolved as technology did, and society prefered to explore on the internet rather than exploring outside their houses and they started being more inactive. Also, school districts wanted…show more content…
The main reason of dropouts is due to distress, as it was mentioned before, physical education programs get rid of stress, and therefore, school performance is improved too because some direct benefits of physical activity are, improvement of cognitive skills and attitudes that prevents students to feel anger or to have negative thoughts, and it improves the ability to concentrate as well. Physical activity improves academic behaviors, that are related to conduct, time on task, and the completion of homeworks. Another benefit of physical education is that improves rest and sleep, therefore students will have a better attendance and will be more participative students. Overall, school is a good place to engage youth in physical education, implementing and enhancing the P.E. curriculum will benefit both, the education system and the student, therefore school districts should use physical education as a strategy for academic success among high school students and it will be also a solution to prevent dropouts with the right education system, which would be a curriculum with higher P.E. standards and promote a core subject, so both students and teachers recognize the importance of staying active during school. With all the previous information provided, including the fact that high levels of stress are related to school and therefore it is also associated with low academic performance, school districts should use physical education as a basis of learning and instead of decreasing the intensity of physical activity during high school, physical education should be a four years requirement to graduate. Using physical education as a strategy to improve academic performance, and intensifying the curriculum does not mean that students will be forced to perform at a high level in physical

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