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Introduction Sport has a significant role in the forming of healthy societies. This can be clearly seen just by evaluating the effects it transfers on to people’s lives who participate in sport. People who play sport tend to have good health and be more active and strong (Tomlinson, 2011). As children spend the majority of their time in school, it becomes a unique opportunity to encourage participation within sport. In this study we will examine the Irish primary school PE system and the challenges it faces when trying to deliver the ideal of ‘physical education is a springboard for involvement in sport and physical activities throughout life’ that is presented in the 2010 CSPAA report. Despite this unique setting in place, opportunities have been drastically reduced by the number of challenges that a school system has to overcome. This document will focus in on two main challenges and also the mechanisms that can be used to get past these challenges and allow schools to excel in this ideal. In Ireland, the majority of children between 4 and 18 years old have been taught…show more content…
The generalist teacher as part of their overall teaching practice take on physical education in their studies to become a teacher but the time allocated for this element is extremely insufficient (Morgan, 2007). The teachers then go out into the working environment feeling unprepared and the children themselves not receiving a high standard of physical education (Morgan, 2007). Many schools do not provide their teachers with opportunities to improve their teaching of PE. Funding is vital for this challenge as any mechanisms that may be formed will require education on the teacher’s part. This will be down to the school system to provide this as it is unfair to ask any teacher to provide for this additional training when they should have received it in college in the first

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