Phonological Awareness

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Take Home Test (Final) 1. Phonological Awareness is a very important part of young children’s development in reading and speaking. Phonological Awareness is a tool of young children’s literacy development where the reader gives attention to the sounds of spoken language such as being able to know the difference between words. One way that I would incorporate phonological awareness into my curriculum is by reading books with rhyming sounds and having the children join in by saying some rhyming sounds. I would read books to the children that have common sounds such as sad, dad, and mad, then allow them to say words that rhyme with the words I have said. Sing-alongs that have spelling, like B-I-N-G-O; is another way I would incorporate phonological awareness into my curriculum, because that will give the children the knowledge of sound and recognizing their letters. Another concept that I can use is I could play sound games using the sound of their names; such as I spy something that…show more content…
If a parent was to make a comment that all they see the children doing is playing, I would simply explain to the parent that it is a part of our curriculum and the child developing and explain to process to them. Children are developing their physical skills, as in gross and fine motor skills, these are skills that teach the children how to balance, grasp, crawl, and run. These skills all lead up to children handling small toys and pouring their own drink. Another way that play will help our children is that they will develop cognitive concepts, as in learning their colors, numbers, shapes, and sizes. While children play with puzzles they ask the questions; “Does this piece fit or is it turned the right way?” Their attention span and memory is enhanced. The child will also develop language and social skills, which will teach them to interact with others, taking turns and following rules. These skills grow as the child plays. As a result, children learn the roles and rules of

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