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The movie Jaws did not do sharks any justice. The movie had a big effect on people back when it first came to theaters. Many people were scared to even get in the water after it. The movie made 130 million dollars in the U.S. (Handwerk, 2005). Most of the U.S. population has seen the movie and know what the plot is about. A giant man seeking great white that preys on people swimming around at the beach, the attacks become more often and the police chief decides to set out in search of the beast. With the help of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter. But the movie portrays the shark as a mindless killing machine that is hungry all the time and likes to eat innocent victims. Since the movie came out some people believe that sharks are evil and they are all just like Jaws. The movie…show more content…
The first type is the provoked attack, this happens when people start touching and disturbing the shark. The next type is the hit and run, this happens when the shark grabs the victim then releases the person then gets away from the scene. The final and scariest one is the sneak attack, this attack happens when the shark is deep and moves up on the swimmer from below (Milinski, 2011). All of these attacks have contained one or all of the factors that influence attacks. There are various prevention methods that many scientists have come up with when it comes to shark attacks. Here are some from Ed Grabianowski’s article “How Shark Attacks Work”, do not swim at/in/when: it is dawn or dusky because these are the common feeding times for most sharks, murky water which has poor visibility which would not be ideal when in the ocean with sharks, open cuts because the sharks are attracted to blood, when sharks are feeding people need to stay out of the way, and finally do not swim with sharks without the proper gear, it could lead to serious consequences (Grabianowski,

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