Consciousness Theory Of Consciousness

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ScientificEpistemology & Consciousness Final Term Paper By, Veeramachaneni Bharath AAA0055 “Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness,…show more content…
We might be doing somethings unconsciously which we perceive as willful actions because our brain cannot perceive what causes our actions. An experiment conducted by Dr. Libet showed that some unconscious processes in our brain may have already decided what we will do before we consciously feel the will to do something. What we perceive as conscious will may just be an illusion created by our brain to explain why we do things. However libet also found that even though some unknown processes in the brain might have decided what we will do, we still have a choice on whether to follow through with the path of action decided. So in that sense we may have a sense of conscious will or according to Libet. There is no free will just free “wont”. This has changed by views on consciousness hugely. Till now I thought that everything I did happens because I willed it. Now I know that it may not be the case and the sense of control I feel might be an illusion. Is there a Difference of Human consciousness from Animal…show more content…
Acc to Thomas Nagel “ no matter how much we know about an animal's brain and behavior, we can never really put ourselves into the mind of the animal and experience its world in the way it does itself” So animal consciousness is a topic that can have endless debates. Recently some neuro scientists have concluded that both animal and humans have the same consciousness based of the fact that they show human like behaviours and also neurological substrates that allow us to be conscious are also present in many other mammals, birds and other animals. As we have stated in the start, consciousness is a state of awareness. Some animals like monkeys are able to recognize themselves in a mirror and can also feel pain. It seems that we confuse intelligence with consciousness and as animals lack intelligence on the level with humans, we tend to be okay with the inhuman treatment meted out to some animals, But the revelation that animals may also have consciousness on par with us may lead to change in the way we look at

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