Kampung Case Study

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Chapter 1: Introduction ________________________________________ 1.1 Background Information A kampung is a traditional housing area, many of which used to exist and accommodate many Singaporeans in the past. With the fast-paced development of the modern era, these elusive villages have been disappearing from our country. Currently, there is only one kampung remaining in Singapore - Kampung Lorong Buangkok. Perhaps the kampung is best known for the mentality that subsisted within it. Shared by dwellers of the place, it is known as the “kampung spirit” - a shared bond between the people living in the kampung. It incorporates values and virtues such as trust and compassion. With the dwindling population of kampungs in our advancing nation, it seems that this spirit has faded with the times too.…show more content…
Half of the students surveyed also knew that Kampung Lorong Buangkok was the last standing kampung in Singapore, as they indicated in the second question. Intriguingly, 20% of the students that answered that they knew about the kampung being the last of its kind in Question 2 did not indicate that they knew about the kampung’s existence in the first question, making their responses paradoxical. 3.1.2 Demolishment of the kampung From our results, 13 of our respondents (or 65%) indicated in the third question that they thought or knew that the kampung was going to be torn down. 6 of the 13 that indicated so did not previously know of the kampung, as they indicated in Question 1. Their response about the demolishment of the place could thus have been a lucky or intelligent guess. 3.1.3 Suggested Government Action The 5th question of our survey requested for respondents to give their suggested actions on what the government should do next to the kampung. The graph below, Graph 1, shows the responses of the 20 surveyed

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