Essay On Connotation

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An advertisement has a big impact on our lives, we can find advertisement wherever we go. however, advertising has become so hard for advertisers that they need to find smarter techniques in convincing their audience. An advertisement could be presented in many different ways, for instance as an image or a video. Also, it can be displayed on television, newspaper, magazines, social media or on billboards. Furthermore, an advertisement is used to aware people about something, for instance the image I have chosen to analyze. It also used foe commercial purposes. Audiences can be affected by the advertisement and it differs because everyone understand the advertisement in a different way. Therefore, learning how to analyze an advertisement is…show more content…
The significance or the connotation of this image is that the lion is suffering from being used in the circus to entertain people. In addition, the lion is suffering and sad as he takes place in this circus, which is shown from his facial expression. Another point is the prison bars tell us how the animals are not having their freedom, they do not have enough space to live like other animals in the jungle. Animal need a big space to feel comfortable and they also need a specific environment that fits their needs and wants. They are not only being tortured in circus even in zoos, animals need a wide place and special conditions to live comfortably. What made this advertisement memorable is how the photographer shoot the perfect facial expression to send a deep message to the audience. Furthermore, the painting colors sent a message as well for example the color white asks for freedom. Understanding an image essentially vary from one person to another because we all have different views and knowledge and everyone see it from a different edge. The caption attached into the picture answers all the questions and tell you the real message behind this advertisement, it fixes the meaning. “Animals are not clowns” is the caption that was used in this advertisement is connected to the image, both the caption and the
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