Outcome-Based Education Assessments

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Learning Assessments Assessment has an overall mean of 3.92 and verbally interpreted as below average awareness. This might be attributed to the practice of faculty of assessing students on both processes and outcomes. Outcomes-Based Education gives emphasis on the output or the outcomes rather than the process. Most of the participants correctly answered the question “what does the student’s grade provide.” This is because teachers are familiar on the significance and importance of grades as a tool for assessing the performance of the students. One of the components of Outcomes-Based Education is to design learning assessments. Instructors are advised to use a wide range of authentic assessment tasks that demand not only understanding…show more content…
Frank (2007) states that Outcomes-Based Education in the health professions has emerged as a priority for educators who were striving to align the curriculum with societal needs. However, many struggled with coming up with effective methods of implementing such an approach. In this study, one participant expressed his/her concerns in the transition from Competency-Based Education to Outcomes-Based Education, the former being teacher- centered and the latter student-centered. The faculty observed that students of St. Luke’s College of Nursing are accustomed to the spoon-feeding approach, which is currently the practice in the institution. The subjects taught in the College of Nursing have lengthy coverage, thus, teachers tend to do everything and provide all the lectures just to finish the topics covered in the syllabus. Some of the teachers believe that Outcomes Based Education might not be applicable in all nursing subjects since some of them are content-bound. Overall Awareness The overall mean of 17.84 means average awareness of Outcomes-Based Education approach for the faculty of the College of Nursing. Their awareness may be due to the similarities between OBE and CBE which the College of Nursing is implementing. Interviews with the faculty revealed that they have no clear ideas concerning the changes that would take place once they transitioned from CBE to OBE.…show more content…
The teachers observed that board examinations are usually content-based. Another reason why faculty used the lecture method is that the said strategy can deliver information to the learners on a short time, allowing the teachers to cover all the topics included in the syllabus. As a result, the faculty failed to explore other teaching strategies. There are also faculty members who tend to be confused in the selection of strategy to be used for a given

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