Personnel Management Vs Human Resource Management

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Speaking in general human resource management is the process of recruiting and training employees, so they become more effective for the organization. It includes operating job analyses, planning, worker needs and hiring the perfect people for the right job. Moreover, planning and developing skills, keeping track of wages and salaries, having benefits and incentives schemes, checking workers performance, fixing disputes and communication with all the employees from top to bottom. So human resource management is the procedure of recruiting, training, motivating, and managing staff in an organization. “Human resource management is another type of approach of an organization most valued assets, the people working there who individually and collectively…show more content…
It was used to link the union and the management to make the organisation more effective. Personnel management is old school method of managing the workers in the organisation where on the other hand human resource management is a modern approach to increase their workers ability and strength. Personnel management mainly focuses on their workers relationship their welfare and administration however HRM is the better version so it tries to focus on acquisition, development and try to motivate their labours. Personnel management uses its workers as an input to get the desired output but HRM uses its workers as valuable assets to achieve whatever an organisation is aiming for. Because personnel management is a traditional way that’s why it provide less training and development opportunities unlike HRM where their workers are highly trained and skilled. The basic problem in personnel management is their less skilled workers that’s why all the decision are made by the top management where in HRM decisions are made after getting their worker ideas which helps the labour to get some motivation and result in achieving the goal in simple manner. Personnel management is a routine management means once the organisation set a routine this management will run on the same routine and mainly focuses on increased production and their satisfied workers. If any kind of problem created it will be only discussed with the personnel manager, whereas in HRM it’s all about strategy. They don’t have a set routine all the workers will keep changing their strategy according to the situation and if any problem is created then the management will discuss the problem with all the managers from top to bottom. HRM focuses on several things like how effectively they are achieving their goal, the working environment, team unity and their workers participation. Personnel management approach itself by making rules

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