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Less for More I was invited to dine at One Piece Sushi. Aside from the apparent cuisine of the restaurant, I was only given information about the unique ordering system. I was told that you can order anytime you want during your meal and eat all you want. I immediately thought of conveyor belt sushi. Despite the self-proclaimed sushi aficionado I am, I have never eaten at a conveyor belt sushi bar before. My interest was piqued, I agreed to the dining arrangement. It all started when I pulled the handle of the glass door that was labeled push, I was so embarrassed that I did not consider assessing the situation inside the restaurant. Once inside, I was overwhelmed with the noise level inside the dim dining room. The room was actually very…show more content…
The most disappointing dish was the salmon belly nigiri, a type of sushi with a slice of fish over rice. The fish was fine, it was soft and creamy as expected. However, I was frustrated with the fish-to-rice ratio which was three to one. In fact, the slice of salmon was so heavy that the nigiri arrived lopsided. Why ever call this sushi if there is so much fish it overtakes the taste of the rice? The champion that won the night back was the eel donburi, a bowl of fresh steamy jasmine rice topped with sauced eel. The rice was freshly made and at the right amount of fluffiness. The sauce complemented the plain rice by adding a tang of sweet flavor to it. It was the perfect way to finish off my meal. True to the restaurant's name, one piece of sushi only cost about a dollar, half of the price of other sushi restaurants. Items such as noodles and rice bowls do cost more but what can I say? It's quantity over quality. Does this place appeal to those on a budget and want to get more bang for their bucks? Definitely. Is the arrangement of the dishes insta-worthy? Of course. Do they offer quality sushi? Look

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