Gazprom Case Study

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The Code of Corporate Ethics (hereinafter – “the Code”) of ОАО Gazprom (hereinafter – “the Company”) sets out the corporate values of the Company and defines the key guidelines of business conduct based on them and adopted by the Company. The Code incorporates the generally accepted norms of corporate and business conduct and best Russian and foreign practices of corporate governance. The Code applies to the Company employees. The Code provisions are basic to the legal entities controlled by the Company, such legal entities herein being the ones in respect of which the Company (directly or indirectly, independently or jointly with its affiliated bodies) may determine their actions (resolutions) including by virtue of the majority equity interest…show more content…
MISSION AND CORPORATE VALUES ОАО Gazprom is one of the world’s largest energy companies. ОАО Gazprom conducts its business as a vertically integrated company. The main lines of its business are geological exploration, production, transportation and sale of hydrocarbons as well as generation and sale of electrical and thermal power. The Company sees its mission in the reliable, efficient and balanced provision of consumers with natural gas, other types of energy resources and refined products. The Company’s strategic objective is establishing ОАО Gazprom as a leader among the global energy companies by entering new markets, diversifying its activities and ensuring a reliable supply. The corporate strategy is founded on the following principles: raising efficiency at all levels of the production chain, from production to sale of natural gas, crude oil and refined products; enhancing and diversifying business on account of projects ensuring generation of high added value products; improving policy on sustainable nature management, environmental protection and energy efficiency; respecting the interests of all the Company shareholders; refining corporate governance, ensuring transparent financial and business activities; personal accountability of the management for the passed managerial…show more content…
RELATIONSHIP WITH EMPLOYEES, WORK SAFETY The relationship between the Company and its employees is based on trust and mutual understanding. The Company strives for transparency and openness in human resources management, constantly working to improve the management methods thus providing its employees with favourable working conditions, opportunities for professional growth and realizing their full potential. While working towards that goal, the Company keeps the employees’ personal data strictly confidential. The staff remuneration system is aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining the employees whose qualifications and achievements ensure that the Company’s strategic plans are implemented. The Company is pursuing, with respect to its employees, a social policy that aims to raise the prestige of working in the Company and guarantees that the employees have comfortable and safe working conditions. The Company provides young professionals with an environment conductive to the fastest possible adjustment to the new team, realization of their full potential and efficient work. The Company is working to create a human reserve, a specially formed and trained group of employees combining a high level of managerial professional competencies and professional skills, meeting the corporate requirements and intended for promotion to senior management positions. The Company is striving to create safe working conditions by observing the applicable laws and technical standards.

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