Staff Performance Appraisal Analysis

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Performance Management has begun in 60 years ago as a source of income justification and it was being used to evaluate and determine employee wage based on their performance. To determine it, organizations have used the performance management to drive the behaviors from the employee to get the outcome. Performance Management is used to ensure that employees' activities and outcomes are congruent with the organization’s objectives and entails specifying those activities and outcomes that will result in the firm successfully implementing the strategy (Noe et al. 2000, p.55). Staff Performance Appraisal is a process for establishes a shared workforce understanding at the organization regarding what is the goal that needs to be achieved. It is…show more content…
It was suitable from small business to medium sized company. It is user-friendly and has many functions that will make performance evaluation between manager and employee more easily. The main function of this software is simplify performance review process, consistent in evaluation process, to promote fairness, encourage real time feedback, to better manage and retain talent. Sprigg HR aims to simplify performance review and consistent in the evaluation approach. Sprigg allows manager to make evaluation on their employee. It also helps to get input from the multiple points of contact on an employee performance. By using Sprigg bank of competencies and questionnaire statement, manage able to build survey that will accurately measure their employee performance. Figure 1 Interface of the Sprigg HR Figure 2 Example of the function Sprigg HR It has built in review template that will help manager and employees to complete performance review in the mid-year or year end. Sprigg HR also provide writing assistant and comment banks that can be used as thought starters by everyone filing out the performance evaluation…show more content…
After that, the manager will identify and review the goals of the employee including the department goals. The manager also will review and do the analysis on the competencies of the company with the Sprigg library. After that, manager will give the result whether approve it or the employee needs to revise his goals. Then, an employee will update the goals and automatically manager will receive the notification about the update. A next step is the manager will log and write the performance improvement form. A manager will give suggestions action bank in the coach corner. The form also can be in the dialogues which is it can update and coaching between employee and manager. Then, employee will fill out evaluation, which means the employee will give a respond on the employee comments bank at the “My Notes” or “Self Evaluation”. The manager also needs to fill up at the manager evaluation. They will get the rating report and can discuss using the dialogue about the results. Lastly, an employee will write the goals and submit their plan. They will give suggestion for development and lastly, manager will review the development plan and decide whether to approve the development plan or

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