Human Resources Management: The Concept Of Human Resource Management

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CONCEPT 3 CONCEPT OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 3.0 INTRODUCTION/IDENTIFICATION OF CONCEPT The most valuable and unique assets of an organisation is the Human resources. Human resources is an exciting, dynamic, and challenging task and this has increased because the world has become a global village and economics are in a state of flux. The growing expectations of a modern day worker and the scarcity of talented resources have further increased the complexity of the human resources function. The actual management of human resources is the responsibility of all the managers in an organisation even though the specific human resource functions are the responsibility of the human resource department. Therefore, it is of importance…show more content…
Recruiting and Training An organisation with a good human resources team can build a good team of working professionals since their major functions includes recruiting and training employees etc. These provide staff members the knowledge of ways to discharge their duties effectively, sharpen their existing skills or develop new ones that will help them take up new roles. They design criteria that are best suited for a specific job. Performance Appraisals HRM will encourage and provide suggestion that will enable employees bring out their best and work according to their potentials. They also establish good communication with workers providing them with good information about their respective roles as these helps them plan for their future goals and that of the organisation. This communication is done regularly to keep the employees motivated. Maintaining work…show more content…
They organise seminars, business meetings and other official gatherings on behalf of the company, this helps in building relationships with other companies and business sectors. 3.2 IMPLEMENTATION OF ACTIVITIES RELATED TO THIS CONCEPT Assessing the current HR capacity Assess your employees and know what each of them has to offer by developing a skills of catalogue as this will provide a clear understanding of what your staff currently hold. This catalogue should have everything about the employees starting from volunteer activities to certifications, degrees. This catalogue can also assess if an employee is ready to add more responsibility or forecast the future development plans of an employee. Forecasting HR requirements This step will include forecasting what the HR needs for future challenges but this will depend on the goals of the organisation. Putting into the consideration the challenges and changes that can affect your organisation. Few questions you will ask yourself during this stage might include: Which jobs will be needed to fill in the upcoming period? What skills are those people going to have to be

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