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MAIN CHARACTER: The main character in “The Skin I’m In” is an insecure, thirteen-year-old girl named Maleeka who is in seventh grade. Maleeka is bullied every day from about how she is black. She spends her time either writing in her diary, or spending time with Char, the big bad mean girl, so that Char doesn’t bully her. Maleeka is a good kid who just hangs out with the wrong people just to not get bullied. SETTING: The setting in this story is located in a in a really not so safe neighborhood. The story mostly takes place at Maleeka’s school, McClenton, a school where the bathroom stalls have no doors and a school where kids skip school to smoke in the bathroom and make out. Even though all of this happens, now someone has showed up and…show more content…
She is a sweet brown colored thirteen-year-old girl who is a fantastic writer. Maleeka lives with only her mother because her father has died. She is bullied every day because she is a different color than everyone else. The other protagonist is Mrs. Saunders. She is a new English teacher at McClenton who is very wealthy to teach at this school that is not considered a very good school. Mrs. Saunders has white patches all over her face, which many of the kids (not including Maleeka) make fun of. Mrs. Saunders loves herself and the way she looks and, how she reacts to all of the mean comments. ANTAGONIST: The antagonist in this story is Char. She is a fifteen-year-old girl that is in the seventh grade for the third time! She bosses everyone around and treats them like slaves. She is the big bad bully at Maleeka’s school. In The Skin I’m In, Char proves herself to be a liar, bully and just a bad person to be around. PLOT SUMMARY: Maleeka’s father has died. Ever since the incident, she has had low self-esteem and doesn’t want to get bullied anymore. She lives in a not so good neighborhood where she gets jumped and beat up by some mean boys. Maleeka hates living in Char’s shadow, but knows that she has to, to not get bullied. Maleeka gets into trouble by accidently setting Mrs. Saunders’ curtains on fire at 3am with Char and the twin’s help. Meanwhile, she takes all of the blame for the…show more content…
So, Maleeka has to go help Char vandalize Mrs. Saunders’ classroom at 3 am in the morning. She has to light Mrs. Saunders’ foreign money on fire. She does, and the curtains catch on fire. Char and the twins run off and don’t get caught, but the janitor catches Maleeka and she gets all of the blame. Plus, she has to pay $2,000 to the school to make up for the damages and has to keep the secrets about how it was Char’s idea and both the twins and Char helped her or else Char will do something that no one wants done to

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