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Summary Connecting the Dots Digital Literacy Represents a person's ability to perform tasks effectively in a digital environment (digital meaning information presented in a numeric form and primarily for use by computers) (Jones-Kavalier and Flannigan). The basis of this argument surrounded around the constantly evolving definition of literacy, and how there needs to be better education surrounding digital literacy. Kavalier and Falligan claim “We have found a common void in professional development for faculty—training needed to gain the requisite computer skills to integrate technology into the curriculum effectively". Most educators master technology on their own time (Jones-Kavalier and Flannigan). This is a detriment to education because…show more content…
I support Jones-Kavalier and Falligan’s approach to digital literacy because they kept an open mind on this entire situation. They acknowledge that literacy is a changing thing, "Literacy practices change and new ones are frequently acquired through processes of informal learning and sense-making" (Barton and Hamilton 8). They understand that technology will not stop advancing due to some people preferring books. As much as I appreciate physical texts, it’s just not the world we live in anymore. Also, being digitally literate is a valuable, if not essential, skill in today’s society. Literacy has never been an option for fully functioning members of society (Jones-Kavalier and Falligan). This feeling of necessity surrounding digital literacy emphasizes the level of adaptability that is required of us. Jones-Kavalier and Falligan are calling for a change in education and more productive teaching styles. One small thing though- I disagree with their claim that powerpoints are obsolete. I need powerpoints to take notes, and they don’t need to be fancy- but I cannot speak for everyone else in the world. I would say that I am a digitally savvy person, however, I can still understand older methods of teaching. This comedy bit that I have attached shows how outdated powerpoints can…show more content…
She raises valuable things such as how much people actually retain from screen reading, and how advancements in technology may be causing a decrease in reading for pleasure (Rosen 2). However, her argument won't fare well with the times, and people with that level of adamancy will get left behind. Keeping in mind my own personal opinions, however, I do not enjoy reading on a screen but in order to efficient and fully functional- it's what has to be done. Though I have my differences with these small aspects of “Connecting the Dots”, I agree with their approach to digital literacy. Literacy Previous Definition of Literacy Literacy is a set of social practices that portrays varying events, domains of life, and other historically rooted things through written texts. Literacy is enforced by social institutions and can serve broader social goals and cultural practices. Literacy is an adaptive concept that can rely on the situation (Barton and Hamilton, 8). Revised Definition of Literacy The only thing that I would want to change my definition of literacy, is to explain what I mean by written text. So basically the same thing, but this time with a

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