Theodore Roosevelt: A Synthesis Essay: Theodore Roosevelt

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Synthesis Essay – Theodore Roosevelt Four naval ships, Mount Rushmore, Teddy bears, eight movies including the Night at the Museum series, and one of the best turn-based strategy games, Civilization 6. All these things are forever linked by one man, Theodore Roosevelt. Throughout his life, he displayed numerous leadership traits that unquestionably prove he was a Visionary and Ethical Leader not only in battle, but also in his political career. The specific traits covered in this paper will touch on his use of inspirational motivation during his “crowned hour”, his use of diversity during his political appointments, his refusal to worry over image when carrying out his duties, and how he used intellectual empathy when preparing his men for…show more content…
In the first situation, I was deployed to Camp Bucca, Iraq in 2007 with the 16th Military Police (Airborne) Brigade to conduct detainee operations. While there, I was assigned as a quad shift lead overseeing the detainment of 250 suspected Takfiri terrorist with a crew of five other guards. One night, soon after I arrived on shift, the quad erupted into a riot. After we conducted a hard push of the quad (a process that involves the use of riot claymores, tear gas, and a lot of high pressure water) to lock the detainees into a smaller containment area, I was directed to take my team into the quad and ensure the detainees did not escape the containment area using lethal means if necessary. A few of the guards were on edge since the only thing between us and 250 angry and violent detainees was a chain-link fence. Because of my willingness to be right there with my team and my calm, reassuring nature, we were able to hold the line for the three hours needed for the situation to deescalate to the point where we could resume normal operations. Had I not used inspirational motivation in this instance or had I not been cool-headed when the situation called for it, it could have resulted in several detainees being killed by a trigger-happy guard or the guards being over-run and killed if the detainees felt they had a chance of overtaking them. An example when I displayed Ethical Leadership by refusing to fall into the worry over image ethical trap occurred when I was assigned as a Security Forces Trainer at Laughlin AFB, Texas. At this time, I had just been assigned to the training section and their way of training Airmen in

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