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In his masterly article on flexible learning, Hart while quoting (Nunan, 1996), stated that origins of flexible learning is quite interesting that, “…there are progressive interpretations of flexible learning which are structured around competing social and humanist values, which have educational expression through concepts such as constructivism, open education, student centered learning, life-long learning, deep learning, and accessible learning structures” (Nunan, 1996, as cited in Hart, 2000). Empirically, flexible learning approach empowers a learner to help students involve vigorously in an intricate process of learning that leads to reshaping, re-designing and tweaking the existing modules of curriculum. The term flexibility, as discussed…show more content…
Academic authors of international repute have discussed in detail on the applicability of introducing personalized learning in schools and colleges (Hargreaves, 2004; Leadbeater, 2005). According to these authors, personalized learning is “a process in which schools tailor the teaching and learning towards achievement for all students and where students and their families develop as active partners in effective learning” (Hargreaves, 2004; Leadbeater, 2005). The past research on personalized learning also highlights how this approach can help students engage themselves in equipping their mental characters to fit into a world that is highly competitive and challenging. In other words, personalized learning may lead to self-empowerment by mastering necessary skills that are adaptable in a real world. Theoretically, a personalized learning regimen can concentrate on three specific areas: “genuinely involving students in shaping their own learning, engaging students in relevant real-world learning opportunities and providing opportunities for personalized pathways.” (Bolstad et al, 2012,…show more content…
Invariably, learners who are adept in the art of investigation are more efficient and professional than those who are deficient in such attributes. An investigative learner has the ability to transfer learning from the classroom to the outside world by learning how to make decision, find solutions to unexpected problems, discover new methods to acquire skills and develop an capability to create useful model that introduces brand new opportunities in the sphere of profession and

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