Glaucon's Essay Why Should We Be Moral

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Recall: In the essay “Why Should We Be Moral,” the author lists several important arguments about morality 1) Man should submit to moral constraints to make social living possible. 2) He should be moral because morality makes his life more comfortable and happier. 3) Morality demands us to care for the interests and needs of the greater number even when they are total strangers. 4) An act cannot be automatically considered as immoral solely because the Scripture or religion says that it’s wrong. Summary: The essay attempts to answer Glaucon’s challenging question, “Why should people care of doing the right things always?” The author offers a number of answers; one of which is the fact that everyone would want to live well in a cooperative society…show more content…
What are the bases for the wrongness or rightness of an action? What is social contract and why is it considered as a solid foundation of morality? Is it moral to cheat or lie if its consequences would entail greater benefit and less harm? Connect: This essay talks about real possibilities and real-life circumstances and I can relate to some of the given examples about moral choices. The author talks about lying, cheating and other offenses and there are some instances where people feel that they are forced to lie. They avoid telling the truth because lying is a more convenient option at the time and it offers an easy way out of the troubling situation. Certainly, I also agree that people have social sentiments that connect them with other people even if they are not families or friends. There was a time when I chose to donate my money to earthquake victims than to buy a new stuff for myself. Situations like this prove that we have moral duties for everyone in the planet because living is not a personal thing but a universal

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