Steve Whalen Strengths And Weaknesses

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Men’s lives are decided by two things what they do and what other people think of them. To grow as a human being you need the opinion of people you trust. I’ve known Steve Whalen ever since the day I turned nine. So when an interview was required the man i turned to was Steve Whalen. The topics discussed go from what job he thought I could do and my strengths. The main things that we talked about was my future careers, weakness and my strengths. What aftershocks did an interview like this leave on my mind? The issue of a man’s weakness normally puts people on the defensive. Talking about major issues in their life that have gone unsolved makes those subjects touchy. I am no different, my weakness are things that are avoided as a rule. This…show more content…
Successful people avoid their weakness and support/increase their strengths. This also shows how mediocrity is created because mediocrity comes from strengthening your weakness. The time spent on strengthening your weakness is wasting time you could be making your strengths stronger. According to Mr. Whalen my strengths are an ability to power through work and a will to help others. Having a will to help others creates bonds with people of all classes, statuses and life styles. The will is also a curse as you feel the need to help but sometimes you have no way to do so. The ability to power through work helps in all situations. The ability to work on whatever you feel like whenever is an asset of immeasurable usefulness. Strengths are what drive your place and focus in…show more content…
Today there are not many careers anymore, but beyond that even most of them requiring at least a college degree. So Mr. Whalen said historian. I realized that he only said so because he believed out of all the jobs in the world the one I would work the hardest would be historian. Historians have long hours, mostly dry work and pay that cannot really rise but have a hard time losing their jobs. To fail as a historian is rare because the necessary skills are acquired in college and make the job simple. The first skill is a first class writing skill. Being able to compose long essays and even books are mandatory parts of being a historian. In addition you need to be able to research for long periods of time as with scientists it can take years before what you’ve done comes to relevance or completion. All of these things combine to create a job few want while those people being perfect for the

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