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Evaluation Essay College and high school football coaches are working at two different levels, but the game does not change. They both teach a group of players year by year on how to play the game of football. These coaches spend more time with the football team than they do with their family at home. Coaching football at the college and high school level is a job rather they are getting paid or not. As a coach, they must teach each of these players how to play the game of football and how they want them to play. They must create a bond with the players, and they should be able to know their strengths and weaknesses so that they can become successful. Though these coaches have similarities, they must be evaluated to determine which is more superior. College coaches are more superior when dealing with coaching styles, interaction with the players, and knowledge for the game. Each coach at any level has his or her own type of style of coaching. These coaches differ in a way by what they coach and how they coach. College coaches are more hands on, and they are technical about what they teach to the…show more content…
College coaches are so knowledgeable about the game because that is their one and only job. They do not have to worry about anything besides football while they at work. They are always in the office thinking about new plays and concepts. They are putting together plays for the next season to help the team become more successful than the past season. High school coaches lack this time because they are either volunteer coaches that have other jobs to worry about, or they are teachers at the school they coach for. When these coaches are at work, they do not have the time that college coaches have to sit down and actually work on just football. Stating that, college coaches are the more advanced coaches because of their knowledge for the game and because of the time they have to

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