Lacant And Boys Don T Cry: Movie Analysis

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Throughout this essay I am going to be looking at the term ‘queer’ in relation to film. I will also be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the term in relation to the films Free Fall (2013), directed by Stephan Lacant and Boys Don’t Cry (1999), directed by Kimberly Peirce. I will be drawing on academic debates, I will also look into the term ‘queer’ in detail and draw in other films throughout the years. To first understand Queer Theory, it is crucial that the definition is known. There are many points to the definition of the term but they all suggest that Queer theory is not a theory that solely covers gay and lesbian studies. It is said that queer films do not privilege heteronormativity but instead challenges heterosexual codes and…show more content…
The obvious weaknesses being the fact that Marc and Kay’s relationship ruin the heteronormativity that was in the film. That being his long term relationship with his girlfriend and the baby that they are expecting. Another weakness is the way that as soon as Marc starts a relationship with Kay, he starts to smoke a lot more and he is seen taking drugs at a gay club. These actions can give off a reaction that makes people believe that if someone ‘turns’ gay or is gay, that is the way that they act. Looking at the narrative of the film, there is a familiar plot. Brokeback Mountain (2005), directed by Ang Lee has influenced many films and it is clear Free Fall is one of those films. The narrative has been changed to be more modern and also instead of focusing on work life, personal life is shown more, allowing the audience to get the feeling that gay people are ‘clearly’ heterosexual relationship ruiners. The character developments and the lack of is something that is a weakness. The characters are not known for most of the beginning of the film and not a lot of dialogue passes between Marc and Kay. Even though this is true, a sexual relationship quickly forms and Marc is seen being quite absent from his heteronormative life. Despite there being lots of disadvantages, there are some advantages. The main ones being the lack of death in the film. The fact that there is no death, especially no death that is caused by the gay characters in the film, is an advantage. Many gay films from the past all have gay characters that are seen as being the villains in the films but this film is different as no one is specifically seen as being a villain. Another advantage is the non-existent trapped feeling that is around the gay characters. They are not trapped in a relationship or in the place that they are in, that becomes known at the end when Kay leaves. This is an advantage because it shows

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