Reflective Essay: What I Pursue My Writing Skills

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My computer powers on, I wait patiently for it to boot up. It displays my personal image and the bar continues to flash in the text block, beckoning for my password. My fingers type fast as I have completed this action more than a few times. The computer finalizes my profile and I am able to control the mouse, directing where to go. I open the internet and click on my favorites. I scroll down to Park University while my right index finger pushes down on the button. Logged into the school, I pull up my transcript. Which class should I take now, I ask myself. I view what I need and decide that it is about time to complete my English requirement as I pursue a BA in Management. More concerned about completing my requirements, I never…show more content…
This included strategies along with developing research practices that enable the creation of presentable work. I struggled with this and continue to show a weakness in this area. I tend to write like I think or speak. This permitted me to be effective in displaying my narrative writing skills, but hinders my ability to converse with scholars when trying to argue my views. Academic writing is primarily based on facts that help you build up the argument you present. Although my old habit of narrative writing aided me well in previous classes, it delayed the construction of my work. Carrying on the conversation with well educated individuals is much harder when you have to offer facts rather than opinions. Aiming to understand the process of academic writing, I learned that feedback is essential to carrying on growing as a writer. The feedback I have been given has helped me to develop my ideas, construction, and influences of the products I produced. I have included examples of the feedback given and highlighted the details that aided my construction of the essays for this course. However, I also think that it is important to fight for additional feedback as I wasn’t provided enough communication that is essential. Looking for other subject matter experts in the field of writing to mentor and give advice is an great place to start to acquire constructive feedback. Constructive feedback increases knowledge and understanding of the process to writing. I will truly continue to use all and every forms of feedback as I continue to develop my writing skill

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