Personal Statement: My Life Is A Key To Success

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I am a full time student at university and this serves as my final year. My household consists of 5 adults where my mum and brother are currently employed full time. My dad is self-employed and works from home. His business is seasonal and does not warrant a monthly income. My brother is currently working and completing his studies at the same time. My best friend describes me as soft person, kind, and caring, loving, stubborn, strong willed, honest, sensitive, very ambitious, soft spoken, hard worker, fun, persistent and responsible. My greatest passion is dance and music. I am a graduate dancer. I currently dance on my own and in this last year I have performed for various functions including functions held by the Siva Gnana Sabay. I am a music student learning the Late Shri Shiva Padiachi and currently a student of Shri Rajan Padiachi.…show more content…
I am determined to achieve my best in all that I do. When I take on a task I dedicate myself to this and I am disciplined. I believe that failure is the key to success. I have a creative mind and I always take pride in all tasks that I do including all my work. My weaknesses are that I am a very sensitive and soft person. I lack confidence in myself at times and sometimes scared to take on new adventures. My schooling career from high school has been a great and challenging. I was able to achieve many great results both academically and in my conduct. I have achieved good results, I know I can do better and I continue to work harder and push to my ability. I always believe I can do something and with this mind-set I am able to conquer many
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