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Essay Question: Literary works are representative of their genre and period, to adapt them will always be detrimental to the original. Discuss to what extent you agree with this statement using reference to texts you have studied in class. Literature have existed for millions of year and have undergone countless transformations through the ages. Each genre of literature is unique in their own way and bears their own form and style. A play would not be the same as a poem, even less so a novel. There is a common string across all areas of literature, however. A literary work contains in it the author’s personal world in their mind. Consciously or not, the writer would always influence the literature, tainting it with their viewpoint, this viewpoint…show more content…
Heart of Darkness was published in 1899. This was just after the period of the colonization of the Congo from 1876–1885. This is significant because the book is representative of the era. In the paragraphs of Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad revealed the horror of the enslavement, the destruction and taking of the land, the terrible crimes committed by the colonizers. In could be said that the novel was a critique of the deeds done. In the well-known movie adaptation, the setting was nearly a decade after during the Vietnam War. It thus represented the period it was produced in, 1979. Only three years had passed since the end of the Vietnam War then, there still presented much publicity. In regards to the genre, Heart of Darkness is a novel, a psychological thriller. It is filled to the brim with vivid, descriptive language in addition to eloquent, poetic sentences. The setting was mould and shaped with imageries, metaphors, creating an immersive atmosphere that gripped on to readers. These devices could not be utilised in movies, however. In substitution, the film relied on cinematography to convey the same atmosphere. Nevertheless, the long shots of just scenery are incapable of delivering…show more content…
“Romeo and Juliet” is a title that nearly everyone knows. It is one of the most recognized and adapted play written by William Shakespeare. Quotes and references made to the play are witnessed almost every day in our daily lives to the point that they have been converted to ideas, images and notions. For example, “Romeo” is frequently attributed to one’s true love. To remark “I still haven’t found my Romeo yet.” is the same as saying “I still haven’t found the love of my life yet.” Despite how ingrained and inseparable the play is to modern day’s culture, the play itself have not been read by many people. The comparison here is made specifically to Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of the play; there exists several other adaptations, each is different in their own ways. Romeo and Juliet is intended to be two hours long and consists of five acts in total. The key difference between the play and movie is the setting. While the play was originally set in ancient Verona, Italy, the movie was situated in modern day Los Angeles, USA. This is a stark contrast in the canvas of the two productions. Changes were made to characters and details to conform to the present-day backdrop. Prince Escalus was no longer a prince, but a police officer called Captain Prince. The figure of authority had changed since Shakespeare’s time from when it was believed that rulers

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