Examples Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is not one of the greatest romances of all time. It’s not one of the greatest romance is because Romeo and Juliet are actually in love. There is loads of evidence that proves they are like for instance Romeo at the start of the play is heartbroken for Rosaline and then as soon as he sees Juliet Rosaline was gone, out of his mind, they also don’t know each other very well, and they rush everything. At the beginning of the story of Romeo was in “love” with a girl name Rosaline. Rosaline is Juliet’s cousin and is also a Capulet, but she made it clear, apparently, that she does not “love” Romeo back. Towards the beginning of the play Romeo tells Benvolio “Out of her favor where I am in love.” (Shakespeare 381). Romeo saying that…show more content…
Prove that they rushed their marriage is when Romeo went running to fry are saying “by holy marriage, when and where and how we met, we wooed, and made exchange your vow, I’ll tell the as we pass; but this I pray, That thou consent to marry us today.” (Shakespeare 410). When Romeo was talking to Juliette during the balcony scene before he left Juliet, Romeo told Juliet to meet him at Friar Lawrence’s cell so they could get married tomorrow. Romeo then went to fryer the next day asking him to wed him and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet didn’t wait at least a month before they got married. After Romeo and Juliet were wed Romeo Mercutio and Tybalt got into a street fight, Tybalt killed Mercutio and Romeo killed Tybalt. During the fight Juliet sent out her nurse to get Romeo and when the nurse came back Julie at rushed her to say the news “I would thou hadst my bones, and I thy news. Nay, come, I pray thee speak.” (Shakespeare 417). It didn’t help that the nurse was saying that there was blood everywhere and teasing Juliet by making her think Romeo had died, but it doesn’t help when Juliet rushes the nurse to speak just like she rushed her marriage and was rushed to say I love you by
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