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Considered as one of the greatest activists of civil rights in American history, Malcolm X stands as the most controversial amongst the key figures in the civil rights movement. He was recognized as being very radical due to his message that blacks should defend themselves. Interestingly, despite his initial message, Malcolm X took a more peaceful approach towards whites in his later years. This change in his legacy did not last for long however, as he was killed by gunmen. These statements are practically a summary of my initial understanding of Malcolm X as a civil rights activist. However, after reading “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, I learnt that there was more to him as a person and what defined his character throughout the different…show more content…
Being a religious leader as well as a media personality, Malcolm was able to develop credibility and confidence. He hence works upon his persona as Malcolm X, carefully shaping its identity and significance. Malcolm’s rise was inevitable and he eventually took over leadership of the Nation of Islam from Elijah Muhammad who was ailing. His rise brought the attention of the press who then laid focus on his philosophies. As a result, it allowed him to gain a wide audience with his message. At the beginning, Malcolm does not go beyond the teachings of Islam in his statements to the public. However, it does not take long as he eventually turns his attention to white America. At this point, I think that it was just a matter of time before he turned his attention to addressing racism as a result of his earlier experience and all the events that shaped his character up to that moment. As Malcolm X, he issues a call for a more dynamic approach to racial politics domestically. This act defined his impact on the American society as a result of his well shaped persona. As Malcolm X, he later counseled blacks after taking a trip to Africa. His advice was that the blacks should ally with the nonwhite majority globally. I believe that this further exposed his tendencies of allowing his experiences to sway his

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