From The Ashes Rhetorical Analysis

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M. Brett Gibson Professor Perez English 101 20 June 2015 From the Ashes. It is difficult to evaluate my entire life and find one event that could be considered to have the most positive impact on me. Although, after considering the lowest point in my life I was quickly able to identify the most positive event. Throughout my life I have been able to overcome, like the rest of my family, it was always seen as a symbol of strength our blood. After experiencing the lowest moment of my life, my ability to overcome was tested again and again. Despite the struggle and strife that I was made to endure, from the most dark moment in my life I was able to learn a new ability within myself that has led me to a place where I can accept myself for exactly…show more content…
How does my title and introduction make my essay enticing? My title allows the reader to ask themselves what is coming from the ashes. As it must be me given the know requirements; it makes one think about the potential depth of the statement. 2. How is my thesis effective? My thesis is effective due to its effectiveness in tying all the other points in the essay together. Thus providing a solid thesis that is much supported. 3. What details have I included so the reader can visualize my experience? Throughout my essay I attempt to vocalize situations and by using key words I attempt to paint a picture for the reader. 4. How are the events presented in a logical sequence? Since the essay is written chronologically, it follows a literal sequence of order and flows logically. 5. How have I used transitions to help the sequence of events flow smoothly? As I transition to each paragraph I ensure that the last topic flows effectively to the next. 6. Have I used a consistent point of view and verb tense? Yes, throughout the essay one will find accurate consistency. 7. What is the point of my narrative? To allow the reader to become more informed on the most impactful moment in my life. Perhaps allowing them to see that they may also be accepted for just who one

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