Joel Kilppert Analysis

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Starting a company is not an easy task, especially when someone does not have the capital to begin the business. For someone to become an entrepreneur even with capital is still not easy. The person would need a business plan, banks to assist monetary and investors. Some people may even think you are crazy about your plans and ideas. Joel Kilppert in chapter 10 of the weeks video was an example of someone with a crazy plan; laughed upon by family members and friends. Even when he presented his ideas to investors and the bank. Entrepreneurs stay focus because of competition in the marketplace; they create a new market with a positive attitude and a pit bull mentality in other to succeed. When a new entrepreneur with creative idea faced intimidation by existing companies and rejected by banks and investors and nowhere to seek for assistance most of them tends to start their business. Entrepreneur works hard, experiment and do not want their dreams to die. For example, Joel Kilppert, he used positive psychology and overcame his adversity by starting his company (Chapter 10, video). Competition is also a barrier to new entrepreneur seeking to be financed. They are not seen as serious because those who get financed have a common idea and banks and investors readily agree with them. On the other hand, those with innovative ideas are seen as doubt, so they work harder to achieve the goal. They have to prove their ideas to people. They create a new marketplace in Joel…show more content…
The positive behavior lead to his success, for instance, his previous customers came back requesting for a new product. He also used the new idea as an experiment producing a new product. When someone stay with a positive mindset creativity and productivity comes out of them due to hard work. It was an advantage for Joel, he created a new hobby, skateboarding (Video chapter

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