Personal Narrative: My First Day At School

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"knock...knock" you barely heard and the door open slowly "__~chan, wake up , its 6:30 already" soft voice say while lifting the blanket..." Its your first day at school remember" she continue.. You slowly rolled to other side and slip on your slippers "whats for breakfast?" you ask while stretching my arms above my head "go down its ready" while she starting to push me outside the bedroom and guide me down to dinning table and guide me to sit "Ohayo!" You said to you grandparent in table and uncle as they greeted you back as you finish your breakfast,and stand up when you heard "I made a bento for you" granny say You smile "arigato! granma" and she smile , went up to prepare to go to school as you finish you bath and done wearing your…show more content…
Did i do something wrong? " smile and ask "Hmmm detention" he just said and walk away "____~chan, is there something you do to his phone or when you talked to him earlier" takeshi ask in concerned voice You both start walking while talking "hmmm none , after the dinner i fell asleep, and earlier....hmmm" and pause "oh!!!" you said looking to guy with concern face " i cut his words earlier '' i guess he doesn't like to be interrupt " you continue as you enter the classroom and smile back to takeshi "Oh!!! don't make him mad or you will died sooner" he joke and both of you laugh the ring for break time is over and when back to your sit and star the second half lesson.2 hours later the lunch break bell rang and class is finish "Knock!! knock!! detention remember?" takeshi hitting you desk to remind you "Oh!! thought i can eat lunch together in my first day at school....zzz" and get up to get your bento and waved to takeshi and friends "Geezzz!! detention in first day of school" you sighed "Excuse me!!" man in elvis Presley almost look a like in hair said "Oh sorry, i have a detention so need to meet hibari-kun?you know where he is? you ask "Kisakabe tetsuya is my name he said" while leading younto reception
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