Compare And Contrast Stanislavski And Brecht

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Stanislavski and Brecht had two very different approaches when it comes to techniques and the way in which they created their individual pieces of work. They are two of the most influential practitioners in theatre due to them both being extremely opinionated when it comes to acting techniques, Stanislavski took a very naturalistic approach in acting style, using techniques to create naturalistic settings such as emotion memory and magic IF, which help the actor understand the given circumstances of their character to be able to “become” them on stage. He believed that performances needed to feel real to an audience, that there needed to be an emotional connection between actors and audience. Brecht, however, took on a more absurd style of acting, using methods to alienate the audience away from the production and into a more political state of mind. Some of his techniques were unheard of until he introduced…show more content…
Other Brechtian techniques such as projections and placards are things I would like to incorporate into future performances, because they relate well to the social media theme and would be an interesting addition to the play. A Doll’s House however is a modern naturalistic play and is performed with a lot of props, fluent entrances and exits and total belief. Before performing scenes from the play it helped when actioning the units within the text to help us understand our character’s purpose for being in that particular scene. In both plays, Nora and Scarlett are expected to act like something in which they are not (Nora, a kept woman, Scarlett, a slut). However, neither have followed the guidelines that society have set them in which is why Nora is disliked by the audience in Norway 1800s and Scarlett is disliked by her peers and “friends” in the

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