Personal Essay: My Future On My Hands

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My Future on My Hands Learning about yourself is the most important thing, everybody needs to learn. That's one thing I'm proud of saying. I'm learning with my mistakes. Making mistakes is much better than getting right in the first time, because with your own mistake you can evaluate what you did, and retry, so now you can get it right, but you also know how to do it now. If you got it right for the first time, you had luck, and didn't learn nothing. I like to do everything in the right way, so to doing so I normally get that thing wrong first. I really like sports, I like watching, playing and discussing about sports. I also like physics and math. I have some goals that are very related to my next five years. They also helped me to choose my college fit. My choice of college fit will impact a lot in my next goals, and could help or don't my career narrative. Where I will be in five years? A…show more content…
I want to go to college to specialize in math. There are many types of colleges to attend. In my case I want to attend a selective college, because, not wanting to show myself off, I'm a very smart guy; I was in the top fifteen best students in my school. Going to a selective college will help me to achieve my goals and the interests I have. My goals and my interests also helped me to choose the best fit for me on college. My goal to study in California was one major factor in the choice. The colleges that a most like in California are selective colleges. The other part of my goal of graduating from a good college also helped to choose the fit for me. The "good" colleges, that I like, the great majority of them were selective colleges. My interests in math and physics helped me to choose a selective college. These interests made me a guy who want one of the bests students, an selective colleges, want the best students. Making my interests very related to the perfect fit for

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