Personal Narrative: My First Day At An American Middle School

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I was unprepared for the disappointments I was going to face on my first day at an American middle school. It was in late August of 2013, that day I woke up to my radio alarm at seven in the morning. I was not used to waking up that early, but the sunshine and chirping of birds made me feel positive about the coming day. I brushed my teeth and put on black dress pants and a white blouse, common school attire for Russian students. As my aunt came over to drive me and my cousin to school that morning, I checked myself in the mirror, grabbed my school bag packed with notebooks, pens and pencils, and with the thought that I am completely prepared for my first day I left for school. As we arrived to the school’s front porch, my disappointments and anxieties began to arise. As soon as we arrived at the school I have noticed how much the school’s building resembled American prisons I have seen in movies. The windows looked like they are there to keep the students in, instead of keeping intruders out, the walls were made of large bricks and created a negative atmosphere. At…show more content…
It resembled a kindergarten with the walls barely free of childish pictures. The tables were poisoned without a particular order, the class room was in the basement and had no windows, the lighting was gloomy and I did not understand a word the teacher was saying. My new classmates were representing a wide diversity of races, some of which I have never seen in person. The students were talking to each other while the teacher was lecturing and behaved uncanny compared to the classroom behavior I was used to. All of the students were dressed in khaki pants and navy blouses, the style looked like it was enforced to make students appear gender neutral. The parents of some students obviously did not care about ironing the garments or washing out the blots. I was clearly out of uniform and I wondered how come no one has advised me of this horrible proper

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