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Jacob Raines Miss Peel 8th grade Language Arts 22 September 2015 Basketball Personal Narrative Basketball has been my life since I was first introduced to it when I four by my dad. When I started playing, I instantly loved the sport. My dad saw that I liked the sport a lot so he took me to play a lot more often and he also helped me practice. Once I started going every day I started getting better and my love for the game got stronger. Nowadays, I practice every single day hoping to get better and follow my dreams and succeed in life. Next, I started playing competitively in the second grade. My first team that I played for was the Top City Thunder and I did pretty good for them and got better by going to every practice. Now I play basketball for Eisenhower Middle School and hope to make A-team this year.When I get older I want to be an NBA player so I practice hard every day and hope to get better. Furthermore, I have learned that things don’t come easy so you have to work hard to succeed. I also started watching NBA (National Basketball Association) games on television.My favorite player in the NBA at the time was Kobe Bryant.The year after Blake Griffin got drafted, he became my favorite player.When I first saw him play I was amazed by his athleticism. He would just dunk on everyone and it was so…show more content…
If I get a scholarship to play basketball in college the scholarship would pay for my college,also when i’m playing basketball in college I want to study History.I hope to get better now and start practicing hard now so I can get better so i’m ready to play on higher levels on a consistent rate. I hope to do good in college so I can go to the NBA.If I go to the NBA then I can make millions if i’m at least decent, if I make millions then I can have more than enough money to take care of myself and my

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