The Importance Of Surgery

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Surgery is a procedure introduced and is in use since the time of Sushruta to treat various diseases. Surgery is done as emergency procedure or Elective Procedure. And various advances have come into light like Laparoscopy, which is a minimal invasive procedure used to reduce the stress of surgery on the diseased person. The scope of surgical care over recent decades has continued to expertise. A multitude of different diseases are managed surgically. Surgery produces tissue damage and acute inflammation. The thought or experience of undergoing surgery is known to induce a short term Fight & Flight response. Blood is a complex fluid made up of fluid portion called as plasma and cellular elements like RBC, WBC and Platelets. The WBC or leucocytes…show more content…
Prior to the study consent was obtained from the College Ethical Committee and written consent was obtained from the subjects. Each subject was informed about the aim of the research protocol and the methods to be used. Along with routine pre-operative lab investigations, Differential Leucocyte Count of the pre operative and post operative blood samples was done using Leishman Staining…show more content…
Under strict aseptic precautions by using sterile disposable syringes on the day of admission prior to surgery and first post operative day 1ml of venous blood was collected for Differential Leucocyte Count. DLC was performed by using Leishman Staining technique. Monocytes were identified according to their size, nucleus, cytoplasm color, cytoplasmic and nuclear ratio. Results: A total of 50 subjects of both sex groups were examined. Monocyte count was significantly affected on first post-operative day. Pre-operative and first post operative day monocyte count was considered as control group and case group respectively. The data obtained was analyzed by using unpaired student’s t-test for difference of means with unequal variances for statistical analysis. TABLE SHOWING COMPARISON OF MONOCYTE COUNT DURING PRE- OPERATIVE AND FIRST POST OPERATIVE DAYS PARAMETER PRE-OPERATIVE DAY (MEAN±SD) FIRST POST OPERATIVE DAY (MEAN±SD) p-VALUE MONOCYTE COUNT 1.92±1.19 0.22±.042 <0.0001 There is a significant decrease in monocyte count during first post operative day when compared to pre-operative day as shown in the

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